One quick way to solve online dating scam cases.

This week I explain how you can stop many online dating scams, sometimes called “catfishing”, to protect your clients as a private investigator.

Many lonely people, both men and women, get lured into chatting with someone online who claims to be romantically interested in them.

After a while, the online con artist begins to subtlety (or not so subtlety) ask for money. Frequently it looks like this… Continue reading

Loyalty over everything except…

There may come a time in your security or investigative career when you have to make a tough choice. You may have to choose whether to tell the truth or back up your partner’s version of events when your partner has done something wrong (either intentionally or accidentally).

I say “choice” because you really do have to choose. And sometimes it can be a very hard choice. Here’s the way to make that choice much easier… Continue reading