The “Why Now” interview technique.

When you’re conducting an interview and the subject says something, ask yourself, “Why is he telling me this now?”

We know what the person says is important, but take it one step further and ask, “Why is he telling me this now? Why is he telling me this at this time rather then earlier or later?”

This is a VERY powerful tool to add to your investigative tool set!

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Don’t psych yourself out on surveillance.

In some ways I think this is one of my most valuable videos on doing surveillance because it deals with such a common problem investigators have when following someone.

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One the thing I hear a lot is just the nervousness of doing surveillance. The fear that the subject just knows you’re there. It just feels like they know you’re following them!

Early on I struggled with this too. I mean, how can they not see me back here?

But, here’s the thing… Continue reading

Private investigator secrets for “snooping” through trash.

This is a “dirty trick” that seems easy until you go to do it, then you realize that you need to do it in a way the subject doesn’t know you’ve been there!

You don’t how know challenging this is – until you try to do it! That’s when you realize the WHAT to do is simple, but the HOW to do it gets tricky when you actually get out in the real world to do it! Continue reading