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Larry goofing off with the kids on Christmas Day.                                             

Larry goofing off with the grandkids on Christmas Day.


…..Larry Kaye is “Mr. Been-There-Done-That”. He’s a results-based security and investigation consultant, excellent trainer, semi-retired Private Investigator, #1 Best Selling Author, frankly-awesome skip tracer, strangely good listener, blogger and all around nice guy who knows some scary things.

….. Larry is the creator of The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide Series.  The series is premium Private Investigator training from someone who’s been there and done that.

….. On this site he shares all sorts of tips and tricks on how to ethically conduct investigations under even the most severe circumstances.

….. Larry blogs with too little self-consciousness on things that matter to him and occasionally goes completely off the deep end.

….. Plus he’s a total Jesus Freak, so he’s always got that going for him.

Recent Posts

One quick way to solve online dating scam cases.

This week I explain how you can stop many online dating scams, sometimes called “catfishing”, to protect your clients as a private investigator.

Many lonely people, both men and women, get lured into chatting with someone online who claims to be romantically interested in them.

After a while, the online con artist begins to subtlety (or not so subtlety) ask for money. Frequently it looks like this… Continue reading

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