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“How to follow someone so well
it’s like you’re invisible.”

Over two hours of video training the bad guys don’t want you to see.

(And neither do other Investigators!)

If you’re seriously interested in joining the handful of people who
match wits with cheaters, hustlers, fugitives and other bad guys…
then this letter is for you.


But first you have to face the ugly truth…

From: Larry Kaye, P.I.
Date: February 21, 2017,

Dear Friend,

Here’s the brutal truth…


The reason you don’t know the secrets is because no one will teach them to you!”


Doesn’t it seem obvious now that I point it out?

At this point, if you’ve got what it takes to be a Private Investigator, you’re probably asking…


“Why should I listen to you, Larry?”


Quite frankly, I’ve been there and done that. I don’t just talk the talk –



After 15+ years as a Private Investigator I know what it takes. And I’ve learned a lot of it the hard way.


Almost everyday people would call me willing to work for FREE just to learn the insider secrets of this business. And now that I’m retiring, I won’t be in competition with anyone so I can finally teach every trick, technique and method I know without fear of taking food out of the mouths of my family.


In just a moment I’m going to reveal to you how you can learn EVERY surveillance trick and technique I’ve used in the real world. And you can learn it without having to fly out for an expensive weekend seminar – or worse – without getting burned over and over again trying to learn these secrets from wanna-be’s on so-called “free” videos online.


If you make a mistake on surveillance
in the real world,
you’ll quickly find out –
there’s nothing “free” about
the stuff being “taught” online!


Okay, since it’s Training First – Then Experience…

The next logical question is…

“Where do I get the training?”

And that’s a tough one.

No qualified Private Investigator want’s to teach you, and here’s why:


  1. You become their competition.

  2. They think it “waters down” the secrets making them less effective.

  3. They worry you might be a criminal.

And no matter how hard you try…


Here’s why…


Those reasons are built around Human Nature. (Fear of competition. Fear of Loss if the secrets are weakened. Guilt if you misuse the training.) And, let’s face it, you are NOT going to change fear and guilt in Human Nature.


So what can you do?

The only thing you can do…


Find a qualified Private Investigator who has come to peace with those three reasons.

I’m at peace with those and here’s why…


  1. We will NEVER be in competition. I consult and train now. I don’t want to work the cases you’ll get!


  2. I recognize how big this world is and I cannot possible sell enough of this premium training to weaken the secrets.


  3. And I know the bad guys are simply too lazy (and think they already know “enough”) that they aren’t buying a top level course like this one.


Okay, Larry, but what do you mean when you say…


“A Private Investigator who’s qualified to teach these secrets.”

Precisely this…


  1. A REAL Private Investigator who’s made his FULL TIME living as a P.I. for years – and not some wanna-be who read a few books and cobbled together some glorified
    book report into 16 or 18 “lessons” on how to be a Private Detective.


  2. Someone RESPECTED in the industry by his peers. (I was on the Board of Directors for our State Association for years.)


  3. An Investigator who charges or charged a premium for his services – and got paid that premium! (I’ve routinely charged more per/hour and with a minimum payable up front – than other agencies.)


  4. And here’s an industry secret…

    P.I.’s SPECIALIZE! Have you ever seen a Private Investigator’s ad and it list 18 or 20 different things he does? You know, everything from missing persons and background check to industrial counter-espionage and electronic countermeasure sweeps? Do you really think that investigator is qualified to do (or teach!) all of those things? No way! If you want to learn how to follow someone you need to learn from an investigator who SPECIALIZES in surveillance.

“So who is qualified to teach me surveillance?”

Any surprise that the answer is “me”?

Take a look…

  1. I am a REAL Private Investigator and before I pursued strictly consulting and training as a career, I made my livelihood solely as a Licensed Private Investigator working real world cases.

  2. I was on the Board of Directors for our State Association for years.

  3. I charged an arm and a leg for my services and my clients gladly paid because I got RESULTS.

  4. I took the time and professionalism to SPECIALIZE in a handful of areas including surveillance.

So, enough about you, Larry…

What will I learn in The Investigator’s
Ultimate Guide to Surveillance?”

The short answer: Everything.


You see, before I filmed a single frame of video I vowed to myself to include everything I know about surveillance and leave out nothing. And here’s why…


I carry a slip of paper in my pocket everyday. I keep it in my business card holder. On it I have written several things that make me money over and over again without fail.


Here are three of those things…


  1. “Whatever they (the customer) gets has to be worth WAY more than they paid.”

  2. “Astonish the customer.”

  3. “Help the other guy get what he wants.”

It’s in my best interest to make sure you get the best training there is!


Are you surprised I’m speaking to you so frankly? I didn’t really intend to share those things with you when I sat down to write this letter. But I think they explain why I’m willing to teach you EVERYTHING about how to do surveillance successfully including:


  • What lane you should REALLY be in when following someone on the highway.


  • What to do when you lose the subject.


  • Actual case video examples.


  • Four ways to handle red lights while on surveillance.


  • How to crack a PO box or Private Mail Box with a broom.


  • How far to be from your subject’s house (get this wrong and your surveillance is over before it even begins).


  • Two magic words that almost turn off a cop’s brain and make him walk away from you when you’re on surveillance – without making him your enemy!


  • Why shaving cream should be part of your pre-surveillance routine (Hint: It has nothing to do with shaving).


  • Should you be armed when working surveillance? (This controversial answer may surprise you!)


  • What to wear under your street clothes while on surveillance.


  • What type of car NOT to use on surveillance (And WHY!)


  • The truth about using surveillance reports to get more business.


  • Two ways to get the real-world practice you need to build your skills.


  • REVEALED: Marketing Secrets so powerful you’ll “legally steal” cases from your competition. (Including the Three Magic Words that turn a price shopper into a paying client).


  • The Radio Station Pretext.


  • And much, much more!


Do Not Get ANY Surveillance Training Course That Does Not Meet These Three Criteria…


1. The course must be created by a full time Investigator who actually makes a living as a Private Investigator.

Many courses are designed by part-timers or amateurs. Even worse — some courses are designed by “diploma mill” type schools who would offer to teach you anything if you sent them enough money! This course was designed by professional, full time Private Investigator Larry Kaye, who gives you the knowledge necessary to succeed in this line of work. You get the skills not some bogus “certificate of completion”!

2. Any surveillance course must have video!

Now, you should read all the books you can about surveillance. But they should NOT be you only source. Heck, they shouldn’t even be your primary source for surveillance training! Watch out for courses made by people who just cobbled
together the information from the surveillance chapters of a few generic “How to be a Private Investigator” books and pretends that if you just download their PDF file you’ll know what your doing!

Some Private Detective training can be in solely written forms (like Skip Trace training). But audio and video are essential to learning surveillance.

3. The course must offer a rock solid money-back guarantee.

I don’t know of any other course offering any kind of guarantee! Maybe they don’t trust the quality of their information. Maybe they just want to make a quick buck then leave you high and dry. I don’t know. What I do know is that with The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance you get my exclusive “Stronger Than Pepper Spray Guarantee”!

You get two full months to use this course. If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want a refund during those 2 months, just send back the DVD’s and you’ll get a FULL refund. That’s right. Watch them. Learn form them! If you’re not over-the-top thrilled, you pay nothing! It’s that simple. No fine print.

That sounds great, Larry,
but how much is this training going to cost?


Here’s what I considered when pricing the course…


If you went to a 3 day training course you’re going to pay $2,100 or more.

And don’t forget, you have to:

  • Take off time from work.

  • You have to buy plane tickets (or pay for gas to drive).

  • Pay for your hotel room.

  • And pony up for meals!

You’re coming real close to three grand ($3,000) when all is said and done and the only thing you’ll have to show for it is maybe some printed worksheets and a bunch of hand written notes!


Of course, you may be fortunate enough to find a class taught in your area. Maybe part of the local community college, like where I taught surveillance in a classroom to aspiring Private Investigators.


That course cost the students $433 plus text books. That’s almost half a grand! And if they wanted to review a technique later, all they had was their lecture notes. It’s not like there was any audio or video they could review to get it again straight from me.


Or you could try this…

Maybe you can find an experienced and qualified P.I. who will let you sit down with him or her for a couple of hours and hire them on their consulting fee.


But with this, there are three main problems:


1. They’ve never taught this before and will leave out a ton of surveillance techniques and tricks just by accident if not on purpose! (After all, why would they want to create “competition” in their own area!)


2. This will still cost you, on average $500+ in consulting fees!


3. And this is the biggie, no one – not a single qualified Private Investigator – will do this for you. Period. Try it. Call around and ask!


So, I know The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance two DVD set, with over two hours of training – and I left out nothing! – is WORTH something way north of $500 and probably a lot closer to $3,000.

Even if I’m exaggerating (and I’m not!)…

By now I’m sure you’ll agree this information on video is WORTH at least $1,000. Fair enough? But, even at that, I’ve decided to release it for just $397.


And this is a drop in the bucket compared to a $3,000 weekend “school” or a $500 community college class or even paying $500+ to a PI who may or may not know what he’s doing or how to teach it!


This one time cost for this video course will make you money on every surveillance you ever do. And will SAVE you the time and aggravation you would spend over the years trying to learn this on your own!


Here’s the thing…

“Getting made” by the subject you’re following is the worst feeling in this industry. It hurts so much we actually call it “getting burned”! You would pay ANYTHING after the fact to get out of that mess! Why not invest a little now to avoid it?


Think of it this way, if what I teach you does nothing but keep you from getting made on just one case then it’s worth WAY more than I could possibly ask for it!


Surveillance pays well and you already know this course will pay for itself with your very first surveillance. Period.


But don’t take my word for it. Decide for yourself! You see I’ve saved the best for last…


You are the sole judge and jury because of my exclusive…



     You are completely protected by my no hassle, no questions asked “Stronger Than Pepper Spray Guarantee”.You get a full 60 DAYS to use this course! If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want a refund during those two months, just send back the DVD’s, you get a full refund – no questions asked!


     That’s right. If you’re not thrilled you get you pay nothing! It’s that simple. It’s that straight forward.

Despite the number of dirtballs out there for us to follow, I believe that most people are honest and fair and won’t take advantage of me and my offer.

     But, why would I do this? BECAUSE I KNOW IT WORKS!


Let’s wrap this up

     I am positive that you can use my Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance to follow anyone and have successful cases that pays the big bucks!


     I teach you everything in my course so you can copy what I’m doing and you can get your two DVD set for just $397. (Temporarily lowered.  See P.P.S. below.)

Order now while there’s still time. After all, I’m only human, and if my fellow investigators start to squawk too much about me selling our most closely guarded surveillance secrets, well, then I’ll be forced to pull this training set off the market or water it down ’til it’s just a ghost of what it is now.

Don’t miss out! This is your moment.

Click the “Buy It Now” button…




Committed to your success in surveillance,

Larry Kaye, P.I.

     P.S. – If you decide to order now, I’ll extend my exclusive guarantee a massive SIX TIMES! Don’t just take 60 days to evaluate this course – but, for a limited time – you get a FULL YEAR to evaluate and decide if this training is right for you!

That’s right, if for any reason at all you want a FULL REFUND within the next year, simply send back the DVDs and you’ll get back every penny you paid– NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I give you my word.

Just so you and I are clear, I’m only testing this monster extended guarantee and may very well decide I can’t offer it regularly. I may have to pull this offer soon, so if you want this massive, extended one year guarantee, order right now.

P.P.S. – Unplanned SALE!  I have a batch of these DVDs that were duplicated with the sound in MONO instead of stereo like they are supposed to be! Same great information – just coming out of one speaker rather then two!

So… you can get this video training course for ONLY $247 saving you $150 while they last!  Order now!







Recent Posts

Private investigator explains 3 interesting police tactics.

This week I’m revealing a police “dirty trick” I never thought I would reveal online. (See “Tactic 3” below.)

Tactic 1

After an officer pulls over a car, he evaluates the driver and the circumstances. If the officer determines he needs to search the car (and here’s the trick) the officer calls for back-up before telling the suspect he’s going to search the car.

There is no reason to notify the possible bad guy any earlier than necessary. If he knows the car is going to be searched and if he knows there’s a weapon or drugs in the car, that guys the bad guy a lot of time to think about which instinct he wants to follow… fight or flight.

And that’s dangerous for everyone.

Tactic 2

When an officer is searching a car and he finds something illegal (like a gun or dope), if it’s safe to do so, the officer might pretend to “miss” the contraband. In other words if he finds a baggie of dope under the driver’s seat, the officer might pass it over as if he didn’t see it.

Since everyone in the car knows where the dope is they are all nervous. When they see the officer “miss” the dope they relax a bit.

The driver (and others) thinks they “got away with it” and the instinct to fight or flight lessens. This give the officer a real tactical advantage.

The bad guy thinks he’s free but the officer knows exactly how he’s going to proceed over the next few minutes. This makes things much, much safer for everyone.

Now all the searching officer has to do is covertly communicate his intentions to the back-up officer who’s keeping an eye on the suspect.

Here’s the trick I will only reveal here…

Tactic 3

This works for police officers, but Loss Prevention Officers, asset protection and even some security guards will find it useful.

Imagine this scenario…

Two police officers have a driver out of his car. On officer is watching the suspect while the second officer searches the car.

The searching officer discovers a loaded gun in the glove box with a baggie of dope. He knows they are going to arrest the driver.

The searching officer uses trick number two by “passing over” the gun and dope so the suspect thinks the officer may have missed them.

The searching officer comes back to the suspect and distracts him with a question asking a harmless question the suspect knows is not a problem. So the officer might circle around to a previous question he’s asked saying something like, “So, who’s this car registered to?”

The suspect isn’t worried because he knows it’s his car and properly registered so he answers.

Then the officer ask, “So who’s Beatrice?”

And he officer watching the suspect (knowing what’s happening) places the suspect in handcuffs.

What just happened?!?

The officers know that (sometimes) it’s best to make the physical arrest when the suspect least expects it. This prevent him (or her) from preparing mentally and physically to fight or run.

The trick here is the officers have a code word or phrase that tells the other officer, “We are making this arrest.”

In this case the bad guy is distracted with a softball question (and the other officers understands this is a set up for the arrest). In this example: “So, who’s this car registered to?”

Then the code phrase means “make the arrest”. In this example the name “Beatrice” or the phrase, “So who is Beatrice?” is the code phrase for “make the arrest”.

The whole point is to distract the suspect mentally and to make your coordinated arrest before he can prepare to resist.

This is safer for the officers and the suspect.

What do you think of this tactic? Should you notify a suspect before you cuff him? Is it best to take him “by surprise”? Maybe the best tactic lies somewhere in the middle. Comment below and let me know what you think.

Stay safe,
Larry Kaye, P.I.
P.S. – If you like learning tricks like these, you may also like my #1 Best Seller, so be sure to check out 51 Dirty Tricks Bad Guys Really Hate: Sneaky Tactics used by Police, Private Investigators and Bounty Hunters. Check it out at 51DirtyTricks.com

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