Suspect Used Handcuffs as a Weapon to Escape

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I am posting a rare “mid-week” post to remind you of the fundamentals and dangers of using handcuffs.

As I warned in my original post back in 2014, handcuffs are a temporary restraint and you need to be constantly vigilant with your suspect.

Recently a murder suspect escaped from police headquarters in Fresno, California injuring two detectives in the process.

He was handcuffed to a chair by one wrist and left unattended.

The suspect got the handcuff off of the chair (police are still investigating how) and tried to slip out of the room. As he left, he encountered the detectives and put up a fight.

He used the handcuff still attached to his wrist as a weapon against the officers and was able to break free from the detectives. The two detectives suffered bruises and scrapes.

And don’t think of these as two fat, dumpy cops. I’ve read that they’re physically fit – meaning this can happen to you too if you drop your guard!

If you’ve gotten my book How to Make A Citizen’s Arrest then you know my feelings about using handcuffs as a private citizen (unless your a loss prevention officer, bounty hunter or otherwise need them for your job), but if you decide to use them, please remember they are not some magical device that ensures your safety, the safety of the suspect or the safety of those around you.

Look, I’ve lived a lot of this life and can only say, I’ve avoided many problems like this one strictly “by the grace of God”, but sometimes it’s because He gives us the grace to follow proper procedures even when they are hard or inconvenient.

Stay Safe,

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